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Young alumni lead effort to endow Trumpet Scholarship

Dan Treadaway
Institute Communications and Public Affairs

Georgia Tech’s Yellow Jacket Marching Band has long been recognized as one of the finest musical groups of its kind in the country. The students who join the Marching Band are deeply committed to its success, and that commitment forges a strong bond among the more than 300 members.

  In memory of their deceased friends, 15 alumni have made five-year commitments that will provide a scholarship for a student trumpeter in the Marching Band.

Over the past five years, three members of the trumpet line have died either while still in school or not long after graduating. To honor the memories of their former band mates, a group of young Tech alumni has launched an effort to endow the Hurlock, Uyesugi and Norris Trumpet Memorial Scholarship. Once it is fully endowed, the scholarship will be available to undergraduate students of any major who play trumpet in the Yellow Jacket Marching Band.

“While several of us were in school, we lost two friends who played trumpet with us in the Marching Band: Ken Hurlock and Jonathon ‘Woogie’ Uyesugi,” said Kenny Mobley, one of the members of the organizing group. “Shortly after we all got out [in 2004], we lost Chris Norris, another one of our friends in band. We were struggling to find a worthy cause for a donation in memory of Chris when someone threw out the idea of an endowment. Everyone got excited about the possibility of creating something to remember our friends that will live forever. Today we have 15 Georgia Tech alumni involved in contributing to the endowment.”

Once the group of young alumni raises the $25,000 required for endowment, the income will provide a scholarship annually and will be open to any student who plays trumpet in the Marching Band. Financial need will not be a criterion for selection. Each member of the alumni group has made a five-year commitment to the endowment effort, beginning this year.

While the financial obligations seemed daunting at first, Mobley said that breaking the $25,000 total down into commitments from 15 alumni over five years made it feel much more manageable and attainable. “All of a sudden, permanently endowing the scholarship was not something we had to wait and do once we got ‘established,’” he said. “It was something we could start doing right now.”

“I am tremendously proud of the initiative that this wonderful group of young alumni is taking,” said Frank Clark, director of the Music Department and professor of music. “The absence of an undergraduate degree program in music makes it quite difficult to develop and offer academic scholarships. Every semester, we have more than 1,200 students who take music courses and participate in our musical ensembles. Many of them would qualify for scholarships in traditional music programs at other universities. Kenny and the entire alumni group are doing something profoundly meaningful for the future of the Yellow Jacket Marching Band, and we are very grateful to them.”



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